Guest Blog – Mary Yanchus with Foods of Banff Tour

on May 23, 2017

My Crush on Madison Wisconsin and All Things Food Tour Related

I want to thank Brittany for letting me guest blog.  A Canadian traveling to beautiful Banff Alberta in the Canadian Rockies last year, my husband and I found ourselves in Magnificent Madison. (Yes, the most direct route from Central to Western Canada goes through Madison!) What a joy Madison is — state capital, college town, cyclists’ heaven — what’s not to like???  I haven’t even gotten to the food yet. Smack dab between two lakes, Madison is an isthmus full of fun! Last year as we walked on campus, we noticed  a class of dance enthusiasts- mid tango, on a front porch. Now if that image doesn’t revive a weary traveller, nothing will. 

I’m delighted to add that in very early July, we will be making the trek again, but this time with a longer stay in Madison.  In fact the highlight of this year’s visit will be “The Around the Square” tour.  It sounds like a sumptuous way to spend an afternoon.  But, this tour will be a “twofer” for me in that I’ll be savouring not only our tastings, but also the role of the guide. I need to learn, from the best, to be the best because once in Banff, I will be running my own food tour for the first time. Last summer we sussed it out by eating our way through town. Just in case you’re wondering, no research is more fun or tastier than that of a food tour.  

See what I mean? So, armed with Mountain Chocolate’s Myrtles and scenery like this:

I’m ready to join Brittany in the satisfied ranks of food tour guides and business owners.  I’d love to have you join me.  Check out and take the Best Bites in Banff tour with me this July, August, or September. 

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