5 Madison Breweries You Should Be Drinking At

on January 20, 2018

5 Madison Breweries You Should Be Drinking At

Tis the season for beer festivals and drinking to stay warm… wait that’s all the time in Wisconsin! Madison is bursting with locally made beer and each brewery you find has it’s own unique vibe to it. Check out our list of 5 local breweries you should be drinking at right now.


Fantasy Factory may go down as our favorite IPA of all time and any other beer you have from Karben4 is sure to impress too. Their marketing is totally psychedelic showing off their fun and playful side which makes it easy to believe they just recently celebrated 5 years in business. Located on the east side of Madison, Karben4 is tucked right off of Stoughton Road and the perfect place to spend a night playing games and drinking some suds with buds. Oh and don’t forget the homemade pretzel styx with the cheddar horseradish spread, they’re to die for!


We instantly fell in love the first time we went to Rockhound for a beer and heard Jack Johnson on the sound system. Then we tried the beer and decided it was a darn good place to drink beer too. With a large variety of beer styles, it’s super fun to enjoy a flight in this chic neighborhood brewery. The Sandstone was super easy to drink and we particularly enjoyed the Lost Ridge too! Check them out on Park Street close to the zoo, campus, and downtown. We recommend that you go hungry (they have a full menu) and be prepared to enter beer bliss.


It’s downright hard to be gluten intolerant in a beer world (or Wisconsin for that matter). That’s why it’s SPECTACULAR that Madison is home to ALT Brew, a totally gluten free brewery that uses ingredients and equipment that are safe for those who are gluten intolerant. The brewery was created by a couple who shared a love for beer and brewing when one of them was diagnosed as gluten intolerant. The result? A revolutionary brewery bringing good tasting beer to a whole new crowd of deserving gluten-free beer drinkers. They are officially 1 of 7 dedicated gluten free breweries in the nation, and we get to enjoy them right here in Madison! Our hats are off to you, ALT Brew!


Out on the west side in Middleton it’s hard to miss Capital Brewery on the edge of downtown. They’ve been around for a long time, 21 years to be exact, but they have seen some exceptional growth lately! Now run by brewmaster Ashley Kinart, a Madison native, Capital’s beers are continuing to evolve with the craft beer times. We can never get enough Oktoberfest in the fall, definitely our favorite seasonal beer! Be sure to stay in the loop with all of their awesome events on their website – Bockfest is coming up February 24th!


We consider The Great Dane Brewpub to be a staple in Madison. We say it on our tours and we believe it every time we’re there for our own pleasure. With over 14 beers to choose from, it’s easy to find something that suits your palette. The Great Dane has 4 convenient locations throughout Madison, however we cannot get over the newly renovated Pool Hall at the downtown spot. It just simply feels good to drink there! And thanks to their super educated and personable staff, you’re sure to have a good beer and conversation anytime you stop in.

Got a favorite brewery that we missed? Feel free to share it with us at brittany@capitalcityfoodtours.com

Cheers everyone!


Photo credit: Karben4 Brewery and Oshkosh Northern


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